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About Krishi Direct Baskets

The Fresh Vegetable & Fruits Basket Combo At Krishi Direct | All Set To Get You Healthy!

 With everything getting online, Krishi Direct has been taking initiatives to help people stay fit and healthy by delivering fresh, organic fruits and vegetables at your doorstep. We understand how important these freshly farmed, healthy vegetables and fruits are and this is the reason why we are expanding our services every day. Our specially designed basket combo is helping many people stay healthy without putting any pain in getting the right stuff from the farmers market. 


Reasons, Why Go For Organic Vegetables & Fruits? 

 Before discussing our customized vegetable and fruit combo baskets, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of choosing organic vegetables and fruits. Some of the basic reasons are - fewer pesticides or heavy metals, healthy fats in more quantity, and more antioxidants. 

  1. More Antioxidants  

As per many studies conducted over the years, it has been proven that organic vegetables like onions tend to have 20% higher antioxidants in comparison to conventionally grown onions. Clearly, when it comes to organic vegetables and fruits, you surely get the best quality and more healthy products.  

  1. More Tasteful 

When it comes to organic vegetables and fruits, there is no debate that they taste better and more full of flavors. The reason behind this is that, with organic vegetables and fruits, the farmer avoid using any speed growth chemicals, and let it grow on its pace, ensuring that it remains healthy and more natural.  

  1. Pesticide Free  

This is not something that you wouldn’t have heard of. With organic vegetables and fruits, there is no use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or insecticides of any type, ensuring the healthy and natural growth of them, which in turn proves them to be more healthy.  

  1. Spikes Immunity  

Well, while we are on the subject of discussing the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables, let’s discuss their impact on your immune system. Many studies have been conducted over the years that proved that organically grown produce is richer in both vitamins as well as minerals.  

Our Special Custom Made Vegetable & Fruits Combo Baskets  

We have a team of expert dieticians and nutritionists who customize these fruits and vegetable baskets as per the health concern of the individual. All our baskets are designed with a special motive. Let’s discuss why people are loving our customized vegetable and fruit baskets.  

Firstly, they are customized with the purpose of making it better & more convenient for a person to order the products that are best for their health. Also, in addition to that, our dietician and nutritionists customize the basket as per the medical condition you might have. So, instead of struggling to make the list, research for what’s good for you and all, you can simply order the fully ready basket for you at Krishi Direct.  

Some of Our Best Selling Baskets  

Mega Baskets  

These are the baskets designed for regular use with the basic required vegetables and or fruits. We have two different customized baskets including Mega Basket fruits & Mega Basket Vegetables.  

Mega Basket Fruits - This basket contains all types of seasonal fruits that one would love to have including banana, yela kki banana, watermelon, apple, pomegranate, grapes, sapota, moosami, and muskmelon.  

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Mega Vegetable Vegetables - Ths mega basket includes basic vegetables like beans, beetroot, carrots, cucumber, chilly, capsicum, ridge gourd, onion, tomato, potato, garlic, radish, brinjal, ladies finger, coccinia, bottle gourd, and drumstick.  

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Besides there, we also have combo baskets of fruits and vegetables that you can check out here. - Add link to the basket page here.  

Now, coming to the list of customized baskets that we are talking so highly about. We have several baskets, customized according to the condition you might have. Note you can always contact us to customize your own basket. Here are a few examples -  

Mini Basket Fruits - Antioxidant Rich 

 For those who are looking for a dose of antioxidants, this basket is perfect. This contains all the fruits that are known for being rich in antioxidants like pomegranate, moosambi, pineapple, yela kki banana & grapes. 

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Mini Basket Fruits For that Who Wanna Switch To Keto Diet

 Here we have everything you need for your Keto diet. We have accumulated the fruits best to keep you on Keto diet including muskmelon, watermelon, moosambi, and apple. 

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 Mini Basket Fruits For Anaemic Patients  

For those who are suffering from Anemia, we have a specially designed mini basket of fruits fr you that includes pomegranate, papaya, sopata, and apple. The fruits best to improve your blood count.  

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Keep Your Guts Healthy With Our Customized Basket  

We have customized fruit basket to keep your gut healthy. This basket includes Yelakki banana, banana, watermelon, grapes, and muskmelon.  

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Coming to your vegetable needs, we have the best collection of customized baskets which includes - 

 Mini basket vegetables - antioxidant rich  

Curated by professional nutritionists, this basket includes antioxidant-rich vegetables like spinach (palak), tomato, capsicum, beetroot, ginger, garlic, and lemon.  

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Mini basket vegetables for anemic patients  

This basket includes vegetables that are best suited for anemic patients. These vegetables are selected by our experienced nutritionist and dietician. The list includes beetroot, pumpkin, tomato, carrot, and beans. 

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 Mini basket vegetables for those who follow Keto Diet  

Perfectly customized for the ones following the Keto diet, this mini vegetable basket is created by the professional dietician. The basket includes palak, capsicum, malabar spinach, cabbage, long brinjal, and cauliflower. 

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 Keep your guts healthy with Mini Basket Vegetables  

This basket is created by an experienced nutritionist and contains all the vegetables that are best for your guts. Beans, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, radish, lemon, ginger, coriander leaves, and curry leaves.

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 Alkaline Rich Mini basket vegetables 

If what you are looking for is the alkaline-rich vegetable basket, there is no other place where you can find one. Our nutritionist has created a perfect set of vegetable baskets for you which includes cucumber, pala, capsicum, tomato, Mangalore cucumber, beans, and mint leaves. 

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 Fiber-rich Mini Basket Vegetable 

 Coming to the fiber-rich vegetables, we also have the vegetable basket for that. Created by the guidance of a professional nutritionist, this vegetable mini basket includes vegetables like amaranthus, palak, ladyfinger, coriander, and ridge gourd.  

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By now, it might be clear what the concept of customized vegetable and fruit basket is. With Krishi Direct you can order all these baskets easily and get it delivered at your doorstep. Along with all this, we also take customized orders from the customers. As per your requirement, our dietician, as well as a nutritionist, will customize a fruit and vegetable basket. So, what are you waiting for let’s get healthy and fit today?