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About the product

Beans 1kg
Carrot 1.5kg
Beetroot 1.5kg
Cucumber 3kg
Radish 2kg
Lemon 250g
Ginger 100g
Corriander Leaves 250g
Curry Leaves 250g


Feed your good bacteria!


The balance of microorganisms which live in the digestive tract helps to improve gut health. Maintaining the gut health is very important for physical and mental health. Many microbes are beneficial for human health, and some are even essential.


Fermented foods, fibre rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, millets, banana, yogurt, curd, consumption of water and other fluids oftenly helps to improve gut health. In addition to this sufficient sleeping, stress free activities also play key role to keep your gut healthy.

Healthy Guts Vegetable Combo 1Pack ₹ 1522.73 ₹ 1370.45
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